Lauren Rubinski

The French designer’s eponymous brand, is distinguished by creations born in the heart of Italy, the home of artisanal excellence.

True to her family values of generosity and passion, Lauren brings to life a world that embodies the perfect union of French elegance and Italian savoir-faire.

Lauren's passion for craftsmanship is reflected in each piece of jewelry, where gold is shaped with unrivalled precision using an secret technique, giving birth to pieces of exceptional lightness, while retaining their rich complexity and detail.

Her collections, combining modernity and heritage, embody Lauren's commitment to creating timeless jewels that go beyond their simple role as accessories.

Made in Italy

Renowned for its exceptional quality and expertise, Italian jewelry is distinguished not only by its respect for traditional techniques, but also by its penchant for innovation, skilfully blending cutting-edge technologies with ancestral know-how.

The LR creations come to life in three family-run workshops in Tuscany, true emblems of our identity. They honor a tradition handed down from generation to generation.

The distinctive lines of our pieces reflect the boldness and generosity characteristic of the "Made in Italy".

Our Expertise

Lauren's jewelry creations are characterized by a unique finesse and lightness, offering a second-skin feel.

Our bold approach to jewelry and our secret technique allow us to always explore more creative territories.

Gold is worked with meticulous attention to detail, creating pieces with unique silhouettes that are both refined and imposing.

Our process not only enhances the durability of our pieces, but also ensures that their original shine is maintained.

LR creations are distinguished by a concern for comfort, without ever compromising on style.

Meet Lauren

After achieving initial international success with her Pristine brand, Lauren Rubinski has become a jewelry icon who continually pushes the boundaries of creativity and audacity in the design industry.

Lauren Rubinski reinvents herself and her heritage with her eponymous brand, driven by the desire to tell her story another time.

Her creations, true expressions of individuality and authenticity, reflect her relentless quest for beauty. Flamboyant, audacious and passionate, she creates collections designed to embellish everyday life, making each piece a testament to her "joie de vivre" and generosity.